Information about Lution Gallery

Lution Gallery was founded in 2004.


Specialist in Batik and Tie & Dye making, Bead designing and other handicrafts.


We promote Ghanaian and other African Culture and Tradition through clothing, jewellery, drapery, shoes, bags, art and crafts.


Lution Gallery gives people without means the opportunity to learn how to produce and design draperies, clothes, jewellery, bead designs and other handicrafs. That's why it supports the local economy and no mass production.


So if you are interested in traditional Ghanaian and other African clothing, shoes and much more, all related to high quality, look at our shop or contact us for your special offers.


We also provide:


Training and lecture,

Guest Services, consultancy and coordination in these and related fields:  


Higher education






If you are interested, look around, get in touch and have a feel of the African way.





The Lution Gallery is located in Alajo-Accra!